Auditcon 552 Features, instructions and certification

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Auditcon vertical keypad

Auditcon 552 is a dormakaba electronic safe lock with master and 99 users, time delay and 400 event audit. With powerstar® technology preventing the need for batteries. Suitable for commercial and banking use.

Technical Features


1 Master

99 Users

10 Time delay override users (IDs 90-99)

1 Supermaster reset user, if enabled on first use

Supervisor / subordinate mode

If enabled on initial setup, supervisor / subordinate mode allows for up to 3 users to be defined as supervisors who can manage a range of standard users

Dual mode

Optional (Can be selected using the keypad)

Time delay

Time delay 1-99 minutes

Open window 1-20 minutes


400 events (No time and date)

Access to the lock’s stored audit data requires Windows software and peripheral equipment

Alarm interface

Silent alarm, available on request


Time and timelock programmed from the keypad or using Windows software and peripheral equipment

Weekly opening and closing timelock

20 optional holiday dates

Immediate timelock

Toggle DST using the keypad

The ‘battery assist’ option is recommended if using timelock features

Penalty and power

Consecutive entry of 5 incorrect codes initiates a 3-minute penalty period

Auditcon 252 is self-powered using PowerStar ® technology. An internal generator creates power when the dial is rotated back and forth.

If timelock features are in use, it is recommended that the ‘battery assist’ version is ordered, which allows for additional power from a 9v battery.


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