Paxos Advance IP Features, instructions, software and certification

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Paxos Advance IP Dial Keypad

Paxos Advance IP is a dormakaba electronic safe lock with master, 95 opening codes and 5 special function codes. Features include time delay, 10,000 event audit, timelock and networking. Suitable for commercial and banking use.

Technical Features

Configuration and setup

Paxos Advance IP has many configurable options, most of which can be controlled using the keypad and master code. Any feature listed as ‘available with software’ requires use of AS384 programming software, which is sold separately.



1 Master (ID 00)

95 users (opening codes) (IDs 01-94)

1 net code (ID 95)

1 time code (ID 96)

1 mutation code (ID 97)

2 Dual Verification codes (IDs 98-99)


IDs 03-99 can be defined as required, available with software

Dual Mode

Optional (Can be selected using the keypad)

Dual mode user groups available with software

Time delay

Time delay 1-99 minutes

Open window 0-99 minutes (Also known as confirmation window, which can be set to 0 so the bolt automatically retracts after the time delay has elapsed)

Duress opening delay 1-99 minutes


10,000 events with real time and date

Access to the lock’s stored audit data requires Windows software and peripheral equipment. 

Alarm interface

Duress, bolt monitoring and other outputs

Remote block and other inputs

An I/O box is required to use alarm connections, sold separately


Time and timelock programmed from the keypad

Weekly opening and closing timelock

Immediate timelock (Fast locking)

Opening extension (Timelock delay, allows for an expected activation of timelock to be deferred)

8 Special events (Timelock override)

24 holiday periods

Automatic DST (Dates must be programmed with the keypad)

Timelock user override, available with software


Advanced features

Multilock: One Paxos keypad can control multiple locks. Up to 12 components can be connected in a Paxos Advance IP system.

Redundant: All components within Paxos are duplicated so that if one part fails, the system still operates. Paxos can self-diagnose if failures are detected.

Networking: With peripheral equipment and software, the lock can be managed remotely, available on request


Penalty and power

Consecutive entry of 5 incorrect codes initiates a 6-minute penalty period

Paxos Advance IP can be powered by 6 x AA batteries. Alternatively, with peripheral equipment, it can be powered from an alarm system or with a mains adapter.


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