Pulse Pro Features, instructions, software and certification

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Pulse Pro keypad with backplate

Pulse Pro is a Tecnosicurezza electronic lock with master, manager, 59 users, time delay, and 5,500 event audit. Suitable for commercial and banking use.

Technical Features

Configuration and setup

Pulse Pro has 80 possible configurations built into it’s memory, which allows the master and manager to reset the lock (and all codes), and apply a different configuration. Safelock Systems has a standard configuration which covers most applications (Configuration 07). Should alternative settings be required, they can be selected by the user, and allow for the following options

Restrict the available users to 10 users and 1 time delay override user

Allow the master code to manage the manager code

Enable a second master and second manager code

Apply dual mode



1 Master (ID 80)

1 Manager (ID 60)

49 Users (IDs 01-49)

10 Time delay override users (IDs 50-59)

A second master and second manager code is optional

Dual Mode


Time delay

Time delay 1-99 minutes

Open window 1-19 minutes


5,500 events with real time and date

Access to the lock’s stored audit data requires Windows software and peripheral equipment

Alarm interface

Silent alarm

Remote disable opening, or remote time delay override

Peripheral equipment is required to use the lock’s alarm interface features

Dallas keys


Advanced features

Silence keypad sounds

Bolt open warning sound

Code expiry – users are required to change their code after a specified period of time

Code expiry – codes which are unused after a specified period of time can self-delete

Penalty and power

Consecutive entry of 4 incorrect codes initiates a 5-minute penalty period

Pulse Pro is usually powered with a 9v battery installed in the keypad, or with a battery box. It can also be powered from an alarm system or using mains power with peripheral equipment

Battery level test


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Available lock bodies

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Safe Locks
Motor Latchbolt
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