FinKey Features, instructions and certification

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FinKey keypad

FinKey is a Wittkopp biometric only electronic lock with 3 masters and up to 100 users depending on the firmware. Suitable for domestic and retail use.

Technical Features

Configuration and setup

FinKey is supplied in test mode so that the remote control can be used to open the lock. Once a master user is added, the master can add lock opening users.

Available sets and key features

Sets 9/10

-3 Masters, and an undefined number of users. User in Set 9 are not associated to an ID, and whilst it’s possible to add several users, it is not recommended that more than a few are used. To delete one users means deleting them all.

-Set 10 includes key lock override.

Sets 11/12

-3 Masters and 100 Users (IDs 1-100).

-Set 12 includes a key lock override.

Sets 13/14

-3 Masters and 100 Users (IDs 1-100).

-Alarm interface which allows a ‘duress’ silent alarm finger to be programmed. When used to open the lock in the event of a hold-up, the lock generates a silent signal to a connected alarm system.

-Set 14 includes a key lock override.



Bluetooth audit is available with certain sets as a special order, please contact Safelock Systems for more information.

Key lock override

Sets with key lock override allow for an additional key lock to be connected to the main electronic lock, which draws back the main lock’s bolt in the event of a power failure or emergency.

Penalty and power

Consecutive scan of 4 unrecognised fingers results in a 1-minute penalty period

FinKey is powered with a mains EU power supply which is included in a complete lock set


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