This page outlines guidance for reporting and returning goods that may have become faulty with the warranty period. For details of our legal obligations regarding the quality of supplied goods, please refer to our full terms and conditions.

Proof of purchase

We will refer to your purchase history to establish proof of purchase.

Determining if the product is within warranty

The warranty period offered by most of the manufacturers we distribute for is 1 year from the date of manufacture. We will generally add a few months discretionary shelf time to the date of manufacture to allow for normal stock turnover. Manufacture dates for most locks and keypads are available on the product’s security labels:

LAGARD & Auditcon
The specific date of manufacture is recorded in the serial number using the last 6 digits. The digits use American format with the month first: MM-DD-YY.
5335122116k is 21st December 2016
The month and year of manufacture in Italian, for example, Apr-17 is April 2017.
Month translation: Gen: January, Feb: February, Mar: March, Apr: April, Mag: May, Giu: June, Lug: July, Ago: August, Set: September Ott: October, Nov: November, Dic: December
STB Timelocks
The year and month of manufacture are listed in a 6-digit code embossed into the back of the movement, for example: 201706 is June 2017. For more recent movements the date of manufacture is stored within a QR code on a label, please contact us for more information about reading the QR code.
German manufacturers
The month and year of manufacture are listed numerically, for example, 08/2017 is August 2017

If a fault is discovered with a product that does not list a manufacture date, we will refer to your purchase history.

Reporting a fault

In the first instance, it is worth speaking to our Technical Department to see if the problem can be resolved. If the problem cannot be resolved, we will ask you to return the product(s) and we will provide a reference number beginning with RGR (Returned Goods Report).

What to return

If the nature of the fault is unclear, please return all connected components such as keypads, locks and battery boxes, as the fault may originate from any part. Please provide the manager code for locks when they are returned. If we are unable to test the functionality of the lock with the manager code, it may be necessary for us to reset the lock which deletes all user codes.
Please provide a detailed description of the symptoms when the goods are returned.

Our assessment

When we receive goods that are reported to be faulty, we log them into our systems and carry out an assessment of all parts. The assessment involves:

  • Confirming that the goods are within warranty
  • Visually assessing the goods for damage
  • Checking the mechanical functionality of the goods
  • Checking the electronic functionality of the goods
  • Taking an audit if deemed necessary to obtain evidence of a fault

Report and actions

We will provide a report of our assessment of the goods. The actions depend on the outcome of the assessment:
Within warranty > Manufacturing fault > in the first instance, we will either repair the goods or provide a replacement. On request, and at our discretion, a credit note can be issued for any products that are confirmed to be faulty.
Within warranty or out of warranty > Faulty due to misuse > If repair is possible, we will offer it with a price for the parts required. We will not charge for time.
Out of warranty > Manufacturing fault > If a repair is possible, we will offer it with a price for the parts required. We will not charge for time.
Operating normally > No fault found > The products will be returned to you. If a reset is required, we will advise you of the charges.

Damaged goods in transit

If goods are damaged in transit, please notify us within 10 days of the date of the delivery, and return the goods. We will repair or replace the goods without charge.

What happens to faulty products?

Faulty products are returned to the manufacturer.