LA GARD 700 Basic Features, instructions and certification

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LA GARD 700 Basic is an electronic lock, with manager and 1 user, and 6-digits codes. Suitable for domestic and light commercial use.

700 Basic is part of the 700 series and was developed to meet the needs of users familiar with the legacy LG Basic. Click HERE for more information about the introduction of the LA GARD 700 Basic.

Technical Features

Configuration and setup

LA GARD 700 Basic is ready to work with a Manager code of 123456


1 Super Master Reset Code (Optional, if activated on first use)

1 Manager

1 User

Penalty and power

Consecutive entry of 4 incorrect codes initiates a 5-minute penalty period

LA GARD 700 Basic is powered by 2 x 9v alkaline batteries housed in the keypad. It can also be powered from the mains with peripheral equipment.


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Available lock bodies

Safe Locks
Safe Locks
Product Video

700 Basic - How-To Intoducution

700 Basic - Open Lock

700 Basic - Change code

700 Basic - Add User

700 Basic - Delete User

700 Basic - Wrong Code and Penalty

700 Basic - Change Batteries

700 Basic - Supermaster Reset Code

700 Basic - Turn On Button Backlight

700 Basic - Troublshooting


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