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Tecnosicurezza New Lock Bodies

After developing their own motorbolt lock over a year ago, Tecnosicurezza now also manufacture their own deadbolt, swingbolt and latchbolt lock bodies, so they have complete control over quality, stock and pricing. The new locks have been on trial in Italy and Spain, and will gradually be introduced into our stock over the coming months. […]

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The 700 Basic

The Basic is back! Well, not strictly, it would be more accurate to say “The Basic is black”. As a result of global feedback regarding 8-digit codes, # commands and Master structure, LA GARD have released an addition to the 700 Series – the 700 Basic. Operation The 700 Basic operates exactly as the legacy […]

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LA GARD 700 Series – New firmware

Firmware versions: Keypad, Lock As a result of global feedback and to continuously improve the product, dormakaba have released new firmware for the LA GARD 700 series. The new firmware contains several changes which significantly improve the user experience. Timescale and firmware updates Firmware of existing stock is being updated, and locks are […]

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The new LA GARD 700 Series

LA GARD Now a brand owned by the dormakaba group, LA GARD have been producing electronic safe locks for around 30 years. Locks such as the Basic, 39e and 66e have become an industry go-to standard, and are often the first choice for electronic locking due to their ease of use, reliability, and familiarity. “LA […]

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