Now a brand owned by the dormakaba group, LA GARD have been producing electronic safe locks for around 30 years. Locks such as the Basic, 39e and 66e have become an industry go-to standard, and are often the first choice for electronic locking due to their ease of use, reliability, and familiarity.

“LA GARD… for 30 years”

Over the decades, as the industry, technology and security standards have moved on, more recently, LA GARD locks have needed a bit of an update. We are very pleased, in partnership with dormakaba, to provide a preview of the new 700 series, which in the longer term, will replace the current LA GARD range.

The 700 series introduces many functions which have been missing from current LA GARD locks. For models 701-703, the keypad can be used to manage features which previously required software. Such control will make installation, commissioning, and operation easier in the longer term. 

More information is now available on our main website, where we have published model specific instructions and demo videos.

“…instructions and demo videos”

Find out more by visiting the 700 Series pages on our main website

One series, five options

The 700 series has been designed to provide one overall ecosystem of locks, with differing levels depending on the user’s need. This allows for a consistent approach for operating and programming the locks – a 701 in one location, whilst a 703 with more users and a display audit, may be more appropriate elsewhere.

The different levels can be compared to current LA GARD locks as below:


All 700 series locks have a Master user assigned to ID 00, which has overall administrative control of the lock system. Other available users can be profiled as Manager or standard opening Users as below:


The majority of lock management is from the keypad. Dual mode and silent alarm can be switched on or off as required for the 702-705 locks.

Users can be profiled to have varying combinations of manager rights, opening rights,  audit rights and/or time delay override rights, again using the keypad.

Model 703 can control up to 2 locks bodies, and models 704-705 can control up to 5 locks. 705 allows for a Bluetooth fob instead of the traditional Dallas key.

A 500 event audit is available to download on the 702 model, and can also be viewed on the 702-D or 703 display. 704 stores 2,000 events and 705 stores 6,000 events, and also has an on-screen audit.


A USB-B MINI port is installed on keypads, and an application is available for audit and lock management for 702-705 keypads (License dongle required). Timelock, with schedules programmed using software, is available for the 704 and 705 models. Lock firmware can also be updated using the software.

The lock body

The mechanical design of the 700 series lock body is the same as the current LA GARD range, with updated circuitry. Interestingly, the relationship between lock and keypad has been reversed in the 700 series.

The keypad

With current LA GARD locks such as the Basic, 39e, 66e, Supra and TL11, any keypad will work with any lock, because the keypad is an input device only – the memory and processing functions are held within the lock.

In the 700 series, there is one level of lock, but five different levels of keypad, and each level enables various users and features. It could be considered that the lock body effectively has all the features, and the keypad unlocks the features required.

Paired lock and keypad

Keypads are paired to locks as part of the setup process, which increases the overall security. Locks and keypads can be unpaired, or a new keypad can replace a damaged one following a procedure. Locks can also be completely reset with the Master code, or using a LA GARD reset box.

Standard keypads have a removable battery tray housing 2 x 9v batteries.  Low profile options are available and require a separate battery box, but still have a battery connector for emergency power.


As the lock body’s mechanical design is not changing, the installation process for the lock is the same. The keypad is provided with an adapter plate rather than pin and springs to fix it in position for a swingbolt. The keypad’s backplate can be mounted using the vertical 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions, fixing points that match with mechanical combination dials and 3035/3125 keypads.


The current LA GARD process of ‘holding down the last digit for 2 sets of double beeps’ has been renewed with # commands. Whilst different, the processes are just as quick and easy. Here’s an example to change a user’s code:

Of course, with the display keypad models, all management of the lock system is available from the easy to navigate menu.

Forced code changes

To comply with increasing security standards, all new codes added to the lock must be changed before they can be used to open. When we supply the 700 series, we will setup locks so that there is a valid opening code immediately available for testing the mechanical function of the lock.

The forced code changes do not however currently apply to the Master code, and as this code has overall administrative management of the lock, it is very important to ensure it is changed immediately.

Change the Master code immediately!

Update 2022 – 702 with Display

The 702 model, expected to be the natural successor to LA GARD 39e, 66e and Supra, is now available with a 1.28″ monochrome display option. The pricing sits somewhere between 702 and 703, and offers a more economical alternative to 66e and Supra.


We would welcome any feedback on the 700 series, please feel free to contact us if you have any specific enquiries.

Find out more by visiting the 700 Series pages on our main website